We need to understand the past in order to solve the problems of the present or the future

There is an argument about whether it is important to know about the past in order to solve the problems of the present or the future. It is often said that we face a similar set of problems irrelevant about the current of the times.

However, in my opinion, we don’t have to understand the past because of two reasons: society develops dramatically fast and people have less time to study the past.

First of all, unlike in the past our society requires people to follow their changes. This is due to the hectic nature of modern life. Thus, the past information is hard to apply. For example, in my 20th birthday my parents gave me a smart phone. Though I use a phone quite a long time, I have to study hard how to use the smart phone. It has a lot of services that I never know before. I ask my friends and try to get new information by using internet. In addition, many users can update or make their own space inside the smart phone. Therefore, until now I am continuing to know and study about the variety of new information.

Second, people didn’t have enough time to understand the past. It takes a lot of time if they try to study the past. Maybe they should read plenty of books or historical records. However, people spend their time for the future plan is more efficient than to do anything. For example, I once had so many things to do like my assignment when I was high school student.

My father suggests me to read history books. Also, he told me most of ancestor behavior gave us lesson. However, I am too busy to spend my time for understanding the past. In addition there are other ways to cope with the problems of the present or the future instead of understanding the past.

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All teachers should be required to be educated every five years in order not to fall behind the trend


There is an argument about whether all teachers should be required to be educated every five years in order to trace the trend. It is often said that this impedes the teacher’s right. However, I think the suggestion that teachers should be postulated to be educated has significant advantages because of two reasons: to increase student’s satisfaction and to prevent from stagnation.

First of all, demanding teacher’s to be educated allows students to get more interest in the class. It is obvious that as the time pass by, it is crucial that teacher should learn new things. Thus, through teacher’s education, teachers can develop or edit their structure to teach students efficiently. For example, when I was a high school student, at first our social-culture teacher offer examples from books. During the class more than a half of students had difficult times to get interested in the class. However, the teacher changed the method. She tried to use many quotes of practical life. These examples provide us to understand easily. This is attributed fact that example is closely with world issues. As a result, education contributed teachers to find better solution to instruct.

In addition, teacher’s training enable teachers to develop the level of education. Unlike in the past, society these days are changing faster than ever and they cannot repeat the same class over and over. This means that teachers need a considerable amount of time to study the trend. According to the Ministry of Korean Education Teacher’s Institute, roughly 70 percent of teachers cognized the way of their teaching should change. However, most of teachers do not have enough time to study the trend alone. In this case, if the government educated the teachers about the trend can solve the problems. This implies that quality of teachers class are becoming more upgraded.

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Children should play sports for fun not for competition

People have different ideas about playing sports for fun or for competition. Some people may argue that children playing sports for competition is more effective to achieve a goal. However, I think that playing sports for fun has significant advantages. This is because children can release stress and learn how to enjoy the game.

First of all, playing sports for fun offers valuable time for children in recharging energy. Children rarely have an opportunity to spend their rest time efficiently these days. They are usually busy to study and go to academy. Thus, they need to set time aside from relaxation such as sports, which are essential in enhance physical strength without stress. For example when I was consider playing sports for competition, it cause me a lot of irritations. I can’t release my stress by just doing sports. Therefore, my parents help me to change my mind. From now on I get more energy after playing sports. Since then, our friends have been playing together almost every weekend, which give us opportunity to refresh our tired mind, and now sports encourage me to study harder.

Second, playing sports for fun provides children that chance to learn about how to enjoy the game. According to recent research conducted by Korea university, children who play sports for fun enable to have pleasant time. Children are still in a period of growth so they are very sensitive about victory or defeat. In this case, playing sports for competition hinder to assent the score. Researcher found out that children who play sports with a sense of rivalry are easy to frustrate when they taste defeat. This implies that parents or teachers should teach children playing sports.


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  • can+ simple verb

e.g)can eat/ can dance (O)

      can motivated(X)

  • You should think about your format.

e.g)First+one main topic

      Second+one main topic

  • Comma+ small letter

e.g)First, you should ~(O)

      First, You should~ (X)

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It’s been a long time that I didn’t write anything but it is all my fault. I shouldn’t make any excuse. I should do something steadily. It is really hard to be consistent but it is important and that’s what I need most.

Once in a while, writing is a good cure to any problem. This is because we can think without any disturbance. So I should develop a habit of writing even if I am in distress, happiness, gloom and sadness etc.

Today, I read a lot of articles written by anglenjuly. WOW, it’s nice. I can easily sympathize because the topics are very friendly. I can easily understand because she uses simple words. anglenjuly gives me an instruction.

Don’t worry! Writing is simple.

I don’t know about that before I thought writing is a big deal.

Now, I fall in love with writing little by little.

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How to control my mind

Someday without a reason I am happy but the other day I felt down without any problem. Like this, ups and downs  are not so good for living or doing something. For me if I am upset, I just throw my time by doing unimportant things. I believe this is a common situation for everyone but I wanted to cover my shortcomings. With these, how can we control our mind? How can we live all the same emotion in our daily life?

First, recognize the problem and try to be reminded with your goal.

If you are tired now, you’d better check yourself what is the problem. I know, sometimes looking myself frankly and evaluate objectively is really hard. However, we need this time if not we will always stay in one place and we will never advanced. Thus, take a look at yourself and listen to your heart. Even if it is painful you should undergo therapy. Also, you can motivate yourself.

Second, you should go back to your original intention.

Now you know the problem. What is the next? As you are reminded with your purpose, have these questions.

Why I should do this? What is the best way to succeed my dream? Try to make this question by yourself over and over. Fist time it is hard to answer and hard to dream vividly. However, as time goes by we could identify it ourselves, our goal gets more obvious.

Following these steps, now you can sustain your rhythm instead of getting depressed. Everyone can suffer frustration or tameness. The important thing is that you should overcome the hardship as soon as possible. Don’t leave yourself in a deep hollow. Try to fight your feeling and say.

“You CAN’T manage MY feeling.

 I have a DREAM so I must move NOW!!!”

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  • Woke up early and ate breakfast because it helps me to get energy.
  • Before writing I have to read many information and gather items such as picture, news, and video because they ignite readers to interest the article.
  • Tense Tense Tense!!! I have to use them carefully and keep in mind always.
  • I suggest myself to read newspapers because it will give me the idea of different format.
  • Religion is not a close topic that we can touch often, so first I have to be concern about the issue.
  • I should have been more diligent in the past but the usual, I slept all days and read the same book with the movie I kept on watching (GONE WITH THE WIND)   Thus, I didn’t complete my homework.
  • In my class time I should decrease writing an essay and have it as homework instead and fixed it while I’m in the class. I think this is the way to spend time effectively.
  • I have to write as many as I can. I believe this is the only way to improve my skills.




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